School Libraries Matter

A thriving school library program is the heart of a school, whether in-person or online.  Here we serve every student and school community member by developing literacy, information and technology skills, social-emotional wellbeing and a true, lifelong love of reading. By providing high quality reading, information and digital resources, we ensure that all students have equitable access to what they need to succeed and flourish.

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California Model School Library Standards

“The Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve sets a groundbreaking vision for strong school library programs in California, including identification of the skills and knowledge essential for students to be information literate. In today’s world, that term means having the skills to effectively access, evaluate, use, and integrate information into their lives. The new, rigorous school library standards are designed to help students prepare for success in the hypercompetitive global economy that is powered by information and knowledge. These standards will help students to learn and work with twenty-first century skills and apply responsible research practices, be respectful to others when using digital devices, and continue to grow as lifelong learners. The standards also describe recommended baseline staffing, access, and resources for school library services needed by students to meet academic standards.”

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