Google Apps for Education

Google apps are an invaluable suite of tools for an increasing number of educators and students.  While many are just beginning the process of using these apps others have been using them for years to increase collaboration with and among their students / community.  Wherever you are at in this process there are always new things to learn.  Below you will find resources that can help you discover the power and ease of use of Google Apps.

I am a beginner…….

Google Apps Learning Center.  Learn about all apps including Google Docs, Drive, Chat and Sites.  Click on an image below to visit the center and start learning.





I am ready for the next step.  Now What?

Okay, I have the basics down. What else would you recommend?

There are so many great resources to help you continue to integrate these tools into your classroom.  Perhaps the best way to discover new ways to use Google Apps is to connect with others who are using it.  Below are some suggested next steps:

  1. Get ‘Qualified.’  Google offers users the opportunity to become qualified and certified.  Once you are ready to formalize your Google experience, I recommend this path.  Be an inspiration to your fellow educators. Learn more…….
  2. Like us on Facebook to connect with others in Humboldt County who use Google Apps for Education.

 My school or district is interested in adopting Google Apps for Education.  What do I need to know and do at this point?

  1. First, feel free to contact Colby Smart, HCOE E-Learning Specialist.  He can help you weigh your options and discuss adoption and policy recommendations.  Adopting Google Apps is more than signing up for a website.  It is a sea change in how your school can operate.  It is exciting, yes, but the more you know and plan the better the outcome will be. Google Apps is free for schools, but it does require some on going tech support.
  2. Learn about the adoption and deployment process. Read the Google Apps for Education Deployment Guide as well as the K12 Guide to going Google.
  3. Schedule and support your teachers with professional development opportunities.  Google has a vast network of certified trainers.  Learn more…