Powerful Presentations – 101 Tips: Becoming an Effective Trainer

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Powerful Presentations – 101 Tips: Becoming an Effective Trainer

Monday, May 4, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Cindi Kaup
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Cindi Kaup
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POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS – Technology and presentation techniques to transform your teaching, facilitating, and public speaking.

Cindi Kaup: 101 Tips: Becoming an Effective Trainer

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Are you a teacher or trainer who wants to make your presentations more powerful, interesting and impactful? Register for this dynamic series featuring some of our area’s most talented trainers. Each session includes a quality presentation and a facilitated “unpacking” of the presentation with the speaker. See below for full titles of the sessions, along with their specific locations and key elements that presenters will focus on during their sessions. Discounted rate available for those who register for full series

May 4th via Zoom 3:00-4:30 ~Cindi Kaup: 101 Tips: Becoming an Effective Trainer

  • This session will focus on building your multi-modal presentation skills for both virtual and in-person professional development.  Strategies for preparing your presentation, setting the stage, delivering an effective presentation and coping with nerves will be shared.  A zoom link to the training and a link to a googledoc with the handouts will be sent out prior to the training.

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