Creativity Workshop POSTPONED

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Presenter(s): David Lochtie
Date: 09/24/2018

Location: HCOE Annex

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Event Sponsor(s): HCOE

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David Lochtie
Email or call David to register. Fee is $95



A practical exploration of the promising world of human creativity with a seasoned multi-media artist and teacher. This class is ideal for the teacher who wants more creativity in her or his class but is limited by the belief that “I’m not artistic.” This enjoyable and unorthodox path to new ideas leaves that kind of doubt in the dust, as teachers explore their own innate potential to innovate, and recognize inspirational possibilities for their students. Beware: this will NOT be like most professional development gigs— Randomness and Nonsense will be Guests of Honor, and Assessment, though valued for its contributions elsewhere, will not be allowed in.

Participants will leave with exciting ideas for lessons in an array of disciplines, some of which they will have invented themselves! Counselors have also found this class valuable in their work with kids.

Check out his webpage:

Fee: $95 – Check or cash accepted.

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