NASA Lunar and Meteorite Sample Certification Course

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Date: 01/06/2018

Location: HCOE Annex

Course #: 7846

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Event Sponsor(s): HCOE and NASA

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Stacy Young



NASA makes actual lunar samples from the historic Apollo missions available to lend to teachers. You must attend this certification workshop to bring the excitement of real lunar rocks and regolith samples to your students.

  • This workshop is not available online; you must be physically present to participate.
  • This workshop is limited to teachers at U.S.-based institutions.

NASA’s STEAM Educational Professional Development Specialist, Dr. Karen Crow Roark will be offering a 3-hour Certification Course complete with lesson plans to STEAM Conference Attendees. Separate registration is required.


Concurrent Enrollment with STEAM 2018 Conference required.

Click here to register for the STEAM Conference. Scroll down to register for the Lunar Sample Certification Course.


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