Native American Heritage Month is here!  As you pick out books to share with students and consult with teachers developing curriculum, check out these helpful resources.

The best way to learn about local tribes is to reach out to them directly.  Some of our local tribes can be found online:

Hoopa Valley Tribe Yurok Tribe Wiyot Tribe Karuk Tribe Tolowa Tribe

Beyond Pilgrim Hats and Turkey Hands: Using Thanksgiving to Promote Citizenship and Activism
 – this article from the National Council for the Social Studies discusses the traditional, and sometimes problematic, ways that the “first” Thanksgiving has been taught to elementary school students.  The authors offer strategies to reinvigorate curriculum for this holiday with both a critical lens and more meaningful connections to civic responsibility and activism.

American Indians in Children’s Literature – Dr. Debbie Reese, of the Nambe Pueblo tribe, is a scholar on the topic of indigenous representation in children’t literature.  Through her extensive blog you will find book reviews and recommended reading lists.

Teaching Tolerance has a searchable database with many readings and learning plans to support teaching Thanksgiving critially and respectfully.

A list of recommended children’s literature for teaching about Thanksgiving.

And even more timely topics from our friends at Teaching Books.