Physical Development: Active Physical Play

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Physical Development: Active Physical Play

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Heather Snipes, Kristin Hills and Gloria Topolewski
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California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN)
Gloria Topolewski
707 441 4651

Join us for this timely learning opportunity as we discuss promoting young learners active physical play.

During our session we will:

  • Discuss how developmentally appropriate movement programs accommodate a variety of individual differences among children.
  • Review why children often learn best through maximum active participation.
  • Express how family members, working as partners with teachers, are key to enriching the physical development of children.
  • Describe how the inclusion of children with special needs is beneficial to all and promotes greater understanding and respect for diversity.
  • Recognize that children are multisensory learners with unique learning styles.


Note- an up to date California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry account is required in order to enroll.  Please contact Gloria Topolewski if you have questions on how to enroll.