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Chronic Absenteeism


This dashboard was created using the dataset for the Chronic Absenteeism Indicator from the CDE, which is based on the number of students who were absent for 10 percent or more of the total instructional school days. For example, most schools have 180 instructional days; if a student is absent 18 or more of those days, the student would be considered chronically absent.

Reversed Goal

For most state indicators, the desired outcome is a high number or percent in the current year and an increase from the prior year. However, for the Chronic Absenteeism Indicator, the desired outcome is a low rate in the current year and a decline from the prior year. The results will fall into one of five levels, ranging from “very high” to “very low.”

Navigating pages of a Report

The filters enable you to select one or more counties/districts/schools, or you can view all, and the visualizations will adjust to the level of granularity you select. To clear the filters, simply hover over the filter and you will see a small eraser icon in the right corner. Click that and the filter will clear. To view a report in full-screen click on the arrow icon found at the bottom of each report.

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Chronic Absenteeism:  How does a school compare to the district average?

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