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STEAM 2017

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Resources from the presenters of the 2017 STEAM Conference.

Please request permission from the author(s) to re-use.



Artful Ecosystems by Marita Musante

STEAM-Ed Vegetables by Rosie Slentz

Spreadsheets Aren’t Scary by Jesse Wheeler

Connecting Kids to our Local Forests by Melinda Bailey

When Math and Art Collide by Ryan Paula Keller

Citizen Science in the Classroom and Beyond by Michael Kauffmann

Science and Art: The Value of Integration by Anna VanDordrecht, Casey Shea, and Matt O’Donnell

Increasing Student Engagement in STEAM by Anna VanDordrecht, Casey Shea, and Matt O’Donnell

Artemathics and Art & Logic of Minecraft  by Mrinal Virnave and Agustin Amaro

STEAM Studio Creativity thru Kinesthetic Learning 2017 by Robert Bullwinkel and Kim Morin

Raspberry Pi session: camera_workshop explorer_hat_workshop gpio_workshop  by Kerry Bruce

Eureka presentation Implementation- The Leadership Perspective Arts IntegrationSTEAM by Patty Hosfelt


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