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SHIFT Symposium: School Climate in Rural California Resource Page

Please find the shared hyperlinked resources from our presenters. If you are to use them in a future presentation, please ask permission from the author(s).

Keynote Day 1: Dr. Mark Katz Bullying PreventionChanging the Odds Powerpoint part 1Changing the Odds ppt. part 2Children Who Fail At School but Succeed At Life

Keynote Day 2: Jessica Pettitt: Just RescueFun Triangle GuideHumboldt Handout

Brad Albee and Kristin Sobilo Circle Up PowerPointCircle GeneratorElementary Circles Outline – CalendarYearlong Calendar

Therese FitzMaurice Mindfulness

Mary Flowers List of Physical SensationsPracticing Mindfulness with Children

Kerri Fulton and Denae Rollins Utilizing PBIS to Scale up Mental Health Services

Heidi Moore-Guynup: Supporting through Grief

Stephen Hahm Turning Data into Insight and Action

Beth Heavilin and Meg Walkley Resources ListTantruming Toddler PowerPoint

Susan Hukkanen DSA DraftPriority 6 MCOESWIFT FIASUMS PowerPoint

Ryan Keller Library as Safe Space and Community Center

Dina Macdonald SHIFT Journey Maps

Marianne Pennekamp Parent Engagement

Rosie Slentz Support for the Whole Teacher

Christine Yannone and Wendy Turk UDL Workshop


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