Whoa!  This is the resource I wish I had last year.  Well, actually I did have it, I just didn’t know it.  You have it too. Teachingbooks.net has a rich bank of resources you can utilize for your chosen text or author.  You can search for books by grade level, genre, or even content area.  If you sign in through Herc (your last name and user number–call us at 445-7076 if you don’t know yours) you will have free access to this site. Once you are in, you can search a book title and view associated resources such as book trailers, author interviews, and lesson plans.  (Here’s an example of what came up when I searched “The Crossover”).  

You really just need to dive in to see all the things you can find here, but this is one of my favorite features:  You can create book lists from this site.  For example, I could create a custom book list of titles for my 5th grade class, share the link with my students and their families, and in that way, provide a media rich preview of the texts and lesson materials (optional).   I can imagine using this feature for literature circles or book clubs in class as well.  Mark your calendars for a free 15 minute Webinar Aug. 24th that will guide you through all the bells and whistles this site has to offer.  Check it out!

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